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EUROCONTROL States agree a €1.1 billion deferral package to assist airlines

The EUROCONTROL Member States have agreed a financial package enabling airlines to defer the payment of up to €1.1 billion of air traffic control fees due for payment to Europe’s air traffic management industry in the coming months. As a result of COVID-19, the number of flights operating daily in European airspace has declined by… Read More ›

Arriel 2H obtains EASA type certification

Safran Helicopter Engines has received EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) engine type certification for its Arriel 2H engine, installed in the Avicopter AC312E. This Arriel variant was selected in 2015 to power this helicopter developed by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, a subsidiary of Avic (Aviation Industry Corporation of China). The AC312E made its maiden… Read More ›

Harmonisation of the national Rules for military Operational Air Traffic in the Single European Sky.

EUROCONTROL is publishing today a complete set of specifications for harmonized Rules applicable to the predominant type of military air traffic (Operational Air Traffic – OAT) flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) inside controlled airspace of the ECAC area. The document, referred to as EUROAT, is the result of a number of years of sustained effort… Read More ›

PENS transitions successfully into operations for inter-centre coordination in Europe.

The Pan European Network Service (PENS) is now the operational network for the exchange of coordination messages between the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Centres of NATS in Swanwick (UK) and the Maastricht Upper Area Centre (MUAC) in the Netherlands. PENS allows ATC Centres to exchange flight information data securely and efficiently by using IP (Internet protocol)… Read More ›

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Europe helps deliver global interoperability at ICAO’s Twelfth Air Navigation Conference.

  The States of the European Civil Aviation Conference  (ECAC), theEuropean Union and EUROCONTROL, working with the European Aviation Safety Agency, the EUROCONTROL Agency, the European Commission, the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the ECAC Secretariat are playing a central role at ICAO’s Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12) taking place until 30 November 2012 in Montreal,… Read More ›

Latest annual review of aviation safety published by EASA.

    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published its Annual Safety Review for 2011. In Europe, there was a single fatal accident in scheduled operations during the year. For the decade 2002-2011, the rate of accidents in scheduled operations in EASA Member States was one of the lowest in the world with 1.6… Read More ›

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