Eurocontrol info door Gebruiker:Ben Pirard
Eurocontrol info door Gebruiker:Ben Pirard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The States of the European Civil Aviation Conference  (ECAC), theEuropean Union and EUROCONTROL, working with the European
Aviation Safety Agency, the EUROCONTROL Agency, the European Commission, the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the ECAC Secretariat are playing a central role at
ICAO’s Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/12) taking place until 30 November 2012 in Montreal, Canada.


The European objective is to join forces with other partners in the world’s aviation community
to help define the steps necessary to create a seamless global aviation system. The ANConf/12 is an opportunity to address the needs of different Air Traffic Management (ATM)
modernisation programmes in a variety of States and regions, and to plan the timely
establishment of the global standards required by the SESAR programme.
As a result of close coordination between the European organisations and the 44 States of
ECAC, 36 working papers have been submitted as joint proposals to the Conference. These
papers contain recommendations and actions aimed at improving the planning, development
and implementation of future changes in the ATM system. Two working papers have been
jointly submitted with the United States.
Interoperability is at the heart of European ATM modernisation and a key component of the


European Civil Aviation Conference. Nederlands...
European Civil Aviation Conference. Nederlands: European Civil Aviation Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Single European Sky (SES), which aims both to improve overall performance and to
harmonise ATM in the European Union’s Member States, as well as in other States with
which there is cooperation. Meanwhile, formal agreements are already in place between
Europe’s SESAR programme and the US programme, NextGen, as well as with Japan’s
CARATS programme.
The European Aviation Safety Agency, European Commission, EUROCONTROL, the
SESAR Joint Undertaking and the European Civil Aviation Conference have a joint stand at
the AN-Conf/12 Exhibition, which is being held until 21 November 2012. Under the slogan,
“Partnering to deliver global interoperability”, the five organisations are presenting Europe’s
involvement in a globally harmonised aviation system.