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Thales Alenia Space and SENER begin their business alliance in optical payloads for space missions

Pioneering industrial agreement in the Spanish space sector, with a commitment by the two companies to make a joint investment.

tas_sener_signature_1600_1The engineering and technology group SENER and Thales Alenia Space start effectively their pioneering agreement to execute a joint business plan that will lead the Spanish industry in the development of optical payloads for space missions.

The strategic agreement, signed by the CEO of Thales Alenia Space Spain, Eduardo Bellido, the Space and Defence Director of SENER, Diego Rodríguez, and the Vice President for Science and Earth Observation of Thales Alenia Space France, Hervé Hamy, is set in motion with the immediate aim of developing the necessary capacities to lead the sector of “optical observation instruments” in Spain, endorsing the pre-agreement signed in March by both companies.

This alliance, which is born with the aim of developing a national leader in Spain and a European reference in optical observation instruments, ratifies the technological complementarity of both companies, that have collaborated and are currently collaborating in multiple scientific and Earth observation programs.

—- Close professional relationship

SENER’s and Thales Alenia Space Spain’s wide experience and complementarity have been the trigger elements for implementing a joint strategic plan which develops new business lines for both companies, with several commercial opportunities identified in the next years both in the domestic market (future Spanish optical observation satellite) and in the international market.

The agreement foresees a joint investment in the pre-development of critical technologies and the acquisition of key capabilities, which will allow both companies to position themselves as Spanish sector referents with state of the art products in optical observation.

The space optical observationmarket is in permanent evolution and international growth, and is a business niche of the so-called New Economy where the talent and technology of both companies wants to expand its development and be a reference in observation for space applications.

Eduardo Bellido, CEO of Thales Alenia Space Spain, has said: “We are very satisfied to have reached this important strategic agreement –pioneering in the Spanish space sector- with SENER. Thanks to de sum of the capacities of both companies and the significant joint investment, we want to position ourselves as undisputed reference in Spain in optical observation instruments for space applications, with the aim of leading future domestic and international programs”.

Diego Rodríguez,  Space and Defence Director of SENER, added: “This agreement represents complementing the capabilities of two leading companies in the space fight segment, as well as giving continuity to the effective expertise from our joint work in the Spanish Earth observation satellite SeoSat / Ingenio.

Photo legend: from left to right: Diego Rodriguez, Space and Defence Director of SENER and Eduardo Bellido, CEO of Thales Alenia Space Spain

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