Increased fuel efficiency, app updates, new style options

Cirrus Aircraft’s best-selling SR series of high-performance, single-engine pistons will be joined by the latest and greatest the manufacturer has to offer—the G6 SR. “The model year 2022 G6 SR is refreshed to seamlessly sync with your life—taking you further, keeping you connected and distinguishing your style in the air and on the ramp. This latest update to the G6 embodies our passion for continued innovation and commitment to design,” said Ivy McIver, director of the SR Series product line for Cirrus Aircraft. “We are excited to continue introducing more people to personal aviation and empowering their Cirrus Life story.”

The 2022 G6 SR features a sleeker wing, more aerodynamical tail surfaces, and redesigned wheel pants to offer speeds of up to nine knots faster than previous models. In addition to faster travel times, improved aerodynamics also means less out-of-pocket cost at the fuel pump.

“The new G6 SR Series is a testament to our devotion to constantly enhance both comfort and safety features across our product lines,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft. “In 2022, we are poised to continue as the market leader in personal aviation and streamline the flying experience with the G6 SR Series aircraft.”

Cirrus has also added several features for pilot and passenger convenience. The aircraft’s luggage compartment can be easily accessed with a new remote unlock and keyless entry. Illuminated steps will enable safer entry and exit in low light conditions, and a new USB panel with USB-A and USB-C ports will ensure that phones, tablets, and laptops remain charged throughout the trip. 

The aircraft is also equipped to be paired with the Cirrus IQ mobile application that provides detailed insight into each aircraft. The app’s status screen has been redesigned to include the aircraft’s model designation in combination with a new navigation bar that includes inspection intervals and warranty information. 

In typical Cirrus fashion, the G6 SR features several stylish touches, including a light that projects the Cirrus logo onto the ramp, eight new paint colors, and all-leather premium interiors. 

“Since the Xi program’s inception in 2009, we have carefully curated an exclusive experience that leverages leading-edge technology, our world-class engineering team and a dedicated Xi Design Studio to build your one-of-a-kind dream Cirrus aircraft,” said Alex Alequin, Cirrus director of design. “Today, we are excited to release the luxuriously bold collection of exterior colors and premium leather interior options in order to create an aircraft that truly echoes your style.”