H3 Dynamics‘ Toulouse team have completed wind tunnel tests of a long-range unmanned hydrogen test aircraft, in preparation of first test flights within the next 2 months.

Pioneered by H3 Dynamics and ISAE-SupaeroĀ in 2018, the MERMOZ program received support from the Occitanie Region inĀ FranceĀ and theĀ European Fund for Regional Development. Next phases of the Mermoz program will add-on small local companies fromĀ Toulouse, including drone maker Delair to support on long-range flight operations.

H3 Dynamics conducts wind tunnel tests of a scale-model hydrogen aircraft at ISAE-SUPAERO Toulouse

In 2018, H3 Dynamics filed international patents for full-scale distributed hydrogen propulsion and refueling systems for aviation. The Company has since begun development ofĀ hydrogen-electric propulsionĀ systems from its engineering centers inĀ AustinĀ andĀ Toulouse.

“H3 Dynamics has the ambition to bring to market the most advanced and reliable hydrogen systems for aviation,”

Taras Wankewycz

“H3 Dynamics has the ambition to bring to market the most advanced and reliable hydrogen systems for aviation, but we will not cut corners on passenger safety. While Hydrogen-electric propulsion can accelerate the transition to a greener air transportation, we will progress cautiously from autonomous aerial data and cargo services,Ā to manned cargo and passenger flights.” stated Taras Wankewycz.

H3 Dynamics works with universities and specialized laboratories on the deep physics behind aircraft integration of hydrogen-electric systems in the context of strict aeronautical regulations and certification expectations.

H3 Dynamics’ team understands the challenges more than anyone in the industry, having worked on hydrogen fuel cell flight for over 16 years. It continues to be involved in over a dozen zero-emission hydrogen flight research programs around the world, including theĀ AeroDelft hydrogen aircraftĀ development inĀ the Netherlands, and theĀ INSA STORKĀ hydrogen UAVĀ development inĀ Strasbourg.

SOURCE H3 Dynamics Pte Ltd via PRNewswire