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Pratt & Whitney customers heading to the front lines in a time of need.

In the face of Covid-19, aircraft manufacturers and operators around the world have shifted their operations from transporting passengers to finding creative ways to help ease the pressure in times where urgent support is needed. Many companies have found ways to create a positive impact on the current situation.

Credits: Pratt & Whitney


Embraer, manufacturer of several Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft, has partnered with companies in Brazil to expedite research into slowing the spread of the virus and developing a concept for portable respirators to be made available for mass production. The company has also diverted manufacturing resources to help produce ventilator and respirator parts for medical professionals in need.

Omni Táxi Aéreo

Repurposing aircraft is one of the many ways companies are aiding in the fight against Covid-19. Omni Tàxi Aéreo has adapted two PT6C-powered AW-139 helicopters from their fleet to help transport suspected carriers of the virus working in the oil and gas sector to medical facilities close by.

The Spanish and Colombian Airforce

Military personnel are also doing everything they can to support humanitarian efforts worldwide. The Spanish Air Force is providing transport for emergency medical supplies to the Canary Islands with their PW127G-powered C-295 aircraft. The Columbian Air Force has similarly deployed two of their own C-295s to provide support across the country for medical personnel in need.


Standing together with Aviation Sans Frontières, Daher has flown two PT6A-powered TBM aircraft to the south of France to transport medical crews to heavily infected areas in order to help fight the spread of the virus.


Two Dassault Falcon business jets including a PW300-powered Falcon 8X have been made available to the French Defense Ministry as part of Operation Resilience (a mass mobilization of France’s military in providing vital services including medical assistance and transportation). The duo of jets has helped to quickly transport medical professionals and supplies across France. In addition to Operation Resilience, the company is also working with Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF), an organization that looks to utilize aircraft and the air network to deliver humanitarian aid around the world.

As the weeks go on, more and more operators and manufacturers are stepping up and providing invaluable support to all those fighting on the front lines to slow the spread of the virus and help the world move forward, together.

Source & Credits: Pratt & Whitney

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