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Restricted category and public use T700 customers have new options for maintenance and support

GE Aviation has signed an exclusive Authorized Repair and Services Provider Agreement with Brightwater United Aero Group (UAG) to cover certain non-military customers flying GE’s reliable T700 helicopter engine.

Brightwater UAG, based in Shelton, Connecticut, in conjunction with Brightwater Arista Aviation Services Group, Alabama, and the worldwide network of GE Licensed Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Facilities, supports T700 engines powering restricted category and public use Blackhawk helicopters. This includes Blackhawks performing utility and firefighting missions.

“This specific helicopter marketplace is rapidly expanding and wanted an OEM sponsored solution. We, at UAG and Arista, are delighted to participate with GE in servicing an incredible group of customers who operate this equipment providing a range of essential missions,” said Jamie Gelder, President of United Aero Group

The agreement covers the repair, upgrade, lease and exchange of T700 engines and parts for these fleets. It not only includes the use of new OEM parts, but now includes the opportunity to incorporate used serviceable material that meets OEM standards.

“GE Aviation is focused on ensuring the best service and support for our T700 customers,” said Len Russo, GE T700 International Programs Director. “This agreement is another step to provide safe, reliable and compliant maintenance and support services for their T700 engines.”

Rich Enderle, President of Arista Aviation added, “This agreement with GE allows us to provide our customers with a critical capability they previously did not have. We now have an engine solution to go along with Arista’s airframe repair, modification and upgrade programs.”

The agreement provides support to civil and municipal operators of used Blackhawk helicopters acquired through the United States Army Black Hawk Exchange and Sales Team (BEST) program. Service options offered include the opportunity for customers to upgrade their engine technology and establish eligibility to onboard directly with GE for new T700 TrueChoiceTM Services packages.

TrueChoice Flight Hour for T700 helicopter engines is a comprehensive service offering for maintaining l helicopter engine operations. It is tailored to meet the business and financial objectives of operators and help optimize cost of ownership over the entire lifecycle, with flexible risk transfer and payment options. For more information on TrueChoice for T700 engines, email

The T700/CT7 engine family has more than 100 million flight hours of experience on turboshaft and turboprop aircraft.

Source & credits: GE Aviation