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Saab and Embraer Inaugurate the Gripen Design and Development Network in Brazil


Defence and security company Saab and Embraer Defense & Security have today inaugurated the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN) in Gavião Peixoto, in the state of São Paulo. The GDDN will be the hub for the Gripen NG technology development in Brazil for Saab and Embraer together with the Brazilian partner industries and institutions, AEL Sistemas, Atech, Akaer and the Brazilian Air Force, through its research department DCTA.
The GDDN includes the development environment and simulators required to undertake the fighter development work. In addition, the GDDN is connected to Saab in Sweden and the industrial partners in Brazil, securing both technology transfer and efficient development.
“We have a long-term commitment to Brazil. The launch of the GDDN is a key milestone in the Brazilian Gripen programme as it will be the basis for the technology transfer and fighter development in the country,” said Håkan Buskhe, CEO and president of Saab.
“Embraer and Saab have a long and proven record in the development and application of innovative technologies in the aeronautical industry. This co-operation is key to assure the best support for the Brazilian Air Force in the coming years” said Jackson Schneider, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security.
The GDDN facility is located at Embraer premises in Gavião Peixoto, where also the Gripen Flight Test Center and the Gripen Final Assembly will be based.
Facts about the transfer of technology programme
Between 2019 and 2024, 36 Gripen NG fighters will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force. To accomplish the deliveries Saab has a strong collaborative partnership with Brazilian industry, such as; Embraer, AEL Sistemas, Akaer, Atech, Mectron, Inbra, and Atmos.
The technology transfer programme for Brazil covers four areas aiming to provide the Brazilian aerospace industry with the technology and knowledge needed to maintain and develop Gripen in Brazil:
  •    Theoretical training
  •    Research & Technology programmes
 •    On-the-job-training in Sweden
  •    Development and production work
Between October 2015 and 2024, more than 350 professionals, engineers, operators, technicians and pilots from Saab’s partner companies and the air force in Brazil, will go to Sweden to participate in courses and on-the-job training. Skills and knowledge will be gained by Brazilian industry enabling extensive Gripen development and production work, including final assembly, in Brazil. As of today, about 100 Brazilian secondees have been in Sweden and started to return to Brazil earlier this month. The technology transfer programme is divided into 60 key projects, lasting up to 24 months.
Embraer will undertake a large share of work in the production and delivery of both the single and two-seat versions of the Gripen NG. The company will also be responsible for extensive work packages in systems development, integration, flight test, final assembly and aircraft deliveries. Furthermore, Embraer and Saab will be jointly responsible for the complete development of the two-seat version of the Gripen NG.
For further information, please contact:
Saab Press Centre,
+46 (0)734 180 018,
Embraer Defense & Security
Valtécio Alencar
Corporate Communications
O: + 55 11 3040-6891
M: +55 11 98106-7295

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