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Technical University Delft, Fokker And Lockheed Martin Celebrate 10 Year Technology Partnership.


A ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the F-35 internship program and technology partnership between Technical University Delft, Fokker and Lockheed Martin, was held today at the Societeit de Witte in The Hague.

Keynote speakers at the event included  Sjoerd Vollebregt, former chief executive officer, Fokker; Royal Netherlands Air Force Commander-in-Chief, Lt.Gen. Sander Schnitger;  Dirk Jan van den Berg, president of the Executive Board Delft University of Technology, and Steve O’Bryan, Lockheed Martin vice president, F-35 program integration and business development.  Former participants from the program were also in attendance.

“Success for our science, technology and math students today, depends on collaboration among industry, educators, policy makers and families.  As an industry leader, Lockheed Martin is committed to working with TU Delft and Fokker, along with other institutions, to develop programs designed to educate and inspire tomorrow’s high technology workforce,” said Steve O’Bryan. “The Delft University internship program is a key example of how we are working together to pioneer this cause.”

The Delft University internship is a five-month program where top engineering and science students have the opportunity to gain hands on experience through work on the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program facilitated by Netherlands-based Fokker, at Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas.  

“The F-35 program is an unequaled knowledge platform for all categories of aerospace education, and a stimulus for students and universities. It enables Dutch aerospace industry, knowledge institutes, universities and students to play in the champion’s league of aerospace. The knowledge the students from Delft University have gained during their internship at Lockheed Martin is a clear example of the innovative benefits of the F-35 program,” said Hans Büthker, Chief Executive Officer, Fokker Technologies.

The intern program began in 2003, as part of an agreement between Lockheed Martin, Fokker and Delft University, and since its inception, 72 interns have completed the program.

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