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The SSJ100 will start operations on the US routes.

The operational record and future activities of the SSJ100 aircraft in service with the Mexican airline Interjet have been discussed during a Top Executives Meeting, held on January 22 in Madrid, between Interjet and the partners involved in the aircraft’s manufacturing and development, United Aircraft Corporation, Alenia Aermacchi, SuperJet International and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.
The meeting offered an interesting exchanging of views with regards to the operations of the Mexican airline Interjet, the first western customer of the SSJ100 aircraft.
The different aspects of the discussion emphasized the satisfaction of Interjet for the aircraft performance and for the range of services offered in support of SSJ100 fleet.  Namely, Interjet confirmed the enviable dispatch reliability of the 4 aircraft in service, in the range of 99% after four months of very intensive operations with a total of over 2.500 flight hours.

Interjet also confirmed to have achieved all the necessary Authority approvals to fly the SSJ100 on routes from Mexico to North America, planning to serve new US destinations in the next months.

The parties expressed their satisfaction for the progress of the SSJ100 Program and of the partnership, being confident on always increasing market perspectives in the near future.

“This is another brilliant achievement for Interjet and for the SSJ100.

As promised, we are opening new routes taking advantage of the SSJ100 overall performances which will soon begin to fly to the US for the first time” says Mr. Miguel Aleman Magnani, Executive President of Interjet.

“We are extremely pleased with Interjet operational score. Even at the very start of operation with our Mexican customer, the aircraft demonstrated high dispatch reliability and remarkable daily utilization rate. It confirms the fact that SSJ100 is an absolutely competitive product for the world market, which can successfully operate in critical environments as well” says Mikhail Pogosyan, President of United Aircraft Corporation.

In addition, it has been confirmed the commitment for the delivery in 2014 of 11 SSJ100 to Interjet.

“The success of SSJ100 with Interjet testifies the excellent results of the Russian–Italian partnership. I am confident we will soon reach other milestones to pave the way to the success of the aircraft worldwide” says Giuseppe Giordo, Chief Executive Officer of Alenia Aermacchi.

During the meeting the parties stated that the good performance of the aircraft with the first Western customer and the opportunity to demonstrate it in the US will have a positive effect on the progress of the SSJ100 Program and lead to the further market success.


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