The bridge. Author: fbgraca
The bridge.
Author: fbgraca

What we have so special to offer? Maybe nothing, but if we really think about how the news are delivered on digital news sources maybe we look at LinkyBird with another eyes, in fact one of our main goals is the objectivity, and we get this by presenting the news as we get from the source, without any editing, that way we respect the author and the reader.

LinkyBird is the main news release source, here we only post the most interesting news, here you’ll find the main feed of the Aviation World, so at this point what is exactly the advantage of this site against the original source?

At LinkyBird you get the news aggregated by the most interessant issues, here you find the most featured news and articles, here you could present your opinion, network with all the others with the same interest and last but not the least you`ll, if you want, collaborate to move away the news to this wonderful world on internet.

At LinkyBired we`re free to improve and collaborate in order to deliver the best perspective of this business, here we could be free to comment and share the things we really think as important.

The conclusion we get is one: LinkyBird is the news release aggregator where you`ll be the main objective and not the secondary item.

Thank you for your preference.