In support of current and future customers, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd recently released a series of wireless aircraft interface applications to enhance the operational experience of PC-12 NG operators.

The new Connected Flight Deck and Wireless FastLoad System is a set of four innovative iPad applications that interface with a wireless gateway system onboard the PC-12 NG. The applications are designed to enhance the efficiency of data exchange between the aircraft, the pilot, and maintenance personnel.

The INDS application greatly reduces the time necessary to upload chart, navigation and terrain databases to the PC-12 NG and allows wireless data transfers to the aircraft.

The FlightPath application broadcasts a wireless signal of the aircraft’s position directly from the Apex Flight Management System. Any passenger with an iOS phone or tablet device may run the moving map application to see the PC-12 NG’s exact location in real time, along with their speed, altitude, and estimated time of arrival.

The MyGDC Flight Planning application enables pilots to create and edit flight plans on a tablet device away from the aircraft, and wirelessly update the plan to the Apex integrated flight deck upon boarding the PC-12 NG.

The Maintenance Download application provides the ability to wirelessly download and email the PC-12 NG’s condition monitoring data and fault history databases to support personnel anywhere in the world.

The development of the wireless interface for the PC-12 NG and the four productivity applications was a collaborative effort between Pilatus, Honeywell, Aspen Avionics, and Jeppesen. Together, this team customized the four applications with an interface designed specifically to the PC-12 NG pilot’s needs.

Ignaz Gretener, Vice President of the General Aviation Business Unit of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd stated, “Pilatus puts customer support above everything else on our list of priorities. We are pleased to offer a solution to our pilots, owners, operators, and maintenance personnel who demand greater productivity and less downtime in their PC-12 NG. The added capability to provide a wireless, real-time moving map application was an extra touch we thought would be appreciated by both passengers and pilots.”

The Connected Flight Deck for the Pilatus PC-12 NG will be available for retrofit on existing aircraft and as a factory-installed option on new aircraft. Please contact any authorized Pilatus Service Center for price and availability.