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AEGEAN – Press conference Rhodes 25.4.2013.

Author Per aspera ad Astra

Author Per aspera ad Astra

AEGEAN confirmed its key decision to continue in 2013 to support in practice the development of the Greek regions and Greek tourism, with the presentation today in Rhodes of its new flight schedule.

The new flight schedule of AEGEAN from Rhodes and Kos was presented by the company’s Management in a press conference, attended by the Head of the Region of South Aegean, the Mayor of Rhodes as well as representatives of the region’s productive, economic and tourism organisations.

In particular, AEGEAN’s international traffic from Rhodes has increased by 140% in the past 4 years, with the operation of an aircraft base.

For 2013, the company will increase the number of its aircraft to 4, based from Rhodes, with 27 additionally direct international flights, aiming at a further 40% increase.

From the new base in Kos, respectively, there will be 10 direct international flights to 5 countries, with crews based in Rhodes. The company’s strategic decision to create a new base on the island of Kos is expected to significantly support tourism traffic and by extension the island’s local economy.

Overall, 5 new countries (Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Azerbaijan) and 10 international destinations (Geneva, Manchester, Lyons, Stockholm, Kiev, Baku, Berlin, Nuremberg, Hanover, Warsaw) are added to .AEGEAN’s flights network for 2013, which includes an additional 158 flights in total of regular and chartered international flights. From these 158 international flights, 130 are made from regional airports in Greece, thus significantly supporting tourism destinations.

Also, with the addition of the country’s new bases at the airports of Kos and Kalamata in 2013, the company’s direct international flights are now made from 8 bases (Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos, Kalamata, Larnaka).
During the press conference, the Vice-President of AEGEAN, Mr. Eftichios Vassilakis, noted:   “Despite the 4 years of the crisis, Aegean has managed to increase its contribution to tourism by 54%, from 2.2 to 3.5 million passengers. This effort is made simultaneously from 8 regional bases, as well as Athens, and in 2013 it should bring in an additional 400 thousand international passengers. In 2013 our presence in Rhodes and Kos is increased with 2 additional aircraft, reaching a total of 5, with direct flights to 12 countries, and with the goal of at least a 50% increase for the two islands. We also continue to win the battle of quality for the Greek product, winning once more the distinction of the best regional airline of Europe. With the synergies from the acquisition of Olympic Air we can continue even more dynamically on this course”.



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