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About us

I`m passionate about Aviation, Automotive, Maritime, Technology, environment and Aero is the result, hope you love it

As independent publisher of content sourced from all the Industry main players I want to share the most important news not because the name or importance but the ones making the difference or adding value to my readers.

I have no featured content or any payed content, AERO is a totally free and independent publishers without any connection, support or other coming from any organization, association or company, this is only supported by passion.

I proudly defend the Internet for all, free of regulations, of government control,  with free access to everyone,

I love WordPress, my main goal is very simple: be the first and most important website related with aviation, and all the most importand industries.

Thank you for your visit, welcome to AERO the blog powered by Linkybird, the aviation network,

hope you enjoy your visit,

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