The first-ever A321LR jet touches down at Kansai Airport on December 19, 2021

Adoption of New-Generation LEAP-1A Engine Leads to 20% Improvement in Fuel Efficiency.

Seat pitch of 30-31 inches, with USB charging ports installed in each seat;
Entire fleet scheduled to be replaced with new, environmentally friendly models by the end of 2025.

Peach Aviation Limited (hereafter: Peach, Representative Director and CEO: Takeaki Mori) announced that the first Airbus A321LR arrived at Kansai Airport from Hamburg, Germany, Last December.

From next month, January 2022, it is scheduled to operate regular flights between Osaka (Kansai) to Sapporo (New-Chitose) and Okinawa (Naha) .The first flight will be MM211 (Osaka (Kansai) – Okinawa (Naha) route) on January 18, 2022*1. Peach is the first Japanese airline to introduce the A321L

The A321LR introduced by Peach incorporates CFM’s LEAP-1A engine and sharklets (large wing-tip plates), and is 20% more fuel-efficient compared to the previous model (A320ceo).
In addition, the seat pitch of the A321LR introduced by Peach is 30 to 31 inches (76 to 78 cm), and each seat is equipped with a USB charging port, improving in-flight comfort. Also, seats in Airbus aircraft are one inch (about 2.5 cm) wider than those in aircraft manufactured by other companies, which allows for ample cabin space.

“Peach is already operating five new Airbus A320neo jets, which are as highly fuel-efficient as the A321LR.”

Peach CEO Takeaki Mori

Regarding the introduction of the A321LR, CEO Takeaki Mori has commented, “Peach is already operating five new Airbus A320neo jets, which are as highly fuel-efficient as the A321LR. By the end of 2025, we will switch our entire fleet over to the highly efficient and environmentally friendly A321LR and A320neo models, in order to make air transportation more sustainable. Furthermore, in addition to the introduction of new and environmentally friendly aircraft, we will actively promote environmental initiatives with the introduction of the A321LR, making an effort to reduce the environmental impact through improving our operations.”

Peach will strive to contribute to the revitalization of regional economies as a public-transport carrier connecting various regions in Japan, while continuing to implement strict COVID-19 preventive measures, and creating new traveling styles together with our passengers.
*1 Flight schedules are subject to change.
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