·  New StoreDot technology allows electric vehicle owners to have the same driving range through the life of a vehicle, improving ownership experience and protecting future values

·  All-new system developed by StoreDot will be open-source, available to any other technology provider

·  StoreDot is a pioneer and leader of extreme fast charging battery technologies, allowing a 50% reduction in charging time for the same cost

·  StoreDot gives automotive manufacturers a clear technology roadmap for seamless and rapid transition to electrification to help create a cleaner world

StoreDot, the pioneer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), is furthering its mission to enhance the entire electric vehicle ecosystem with an approved patent for a transformational technology, giving automotive batteries fixed capacity and driving range throughout their lifespan.

Graph showing constant vs fading range (miles)

This revolutionary ‘digital battery’ breakthrough, achieved through a combination of patented software and cell chemistry management, gives an EV owner a fixed battery driving range for the duration of its useful service life, thus overcoming another aspect of the known Range Anxiety. It manages both charging voltages and StoreDot’s XFC silicon-based cell chemistry to stress a battery less at the start of its life and balance its performance across the battery’s life to deliver a driving experience with predictable and consistent range.

Graph showing EV actual range (miles) for various EV efficiencies (miles/kWh)

Until this StoreDot innovation, battery capacity, and therefore driving range, degrades over the life of the vehicle, making it one of the major frustrations of EV ownership. The certainty and consistency that this advancement provides could also improve residual values of vehicles, lowering leasing costs and further benefitting both consumers and global automotive manufacturers utilizing the technology. 

As with previous patented technologies StoreDot is making this technology for improved driving experience available to other organizations to help speed up the global adoption of electric vehicles and a future zero-emissions world.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO “Our development of extreme fast charging batteries is aligned with our commitment to the holistic improvement of the EV battery ecosystem. We want to make it more attractive for consumers to adopt zero-emissions electric vehicles. This new patent, which we will make available to any organization as open-source, is another great example of that commitment. Our new digital battery software, aligned with our leading silicon-based cell chemistry, will give all EV owners guaranteed battery performance and range throughout the ownership of their vehicles. Battery degradation is one of the main bugbears of long-term EV ownership and it’s essential that we all do everything we can to promote the mass adoption of EVs, on our critical path to live in a cleaner world.”

StoreDot’s new digital battery patent comes shortly after its announcement of an application for ground-breaking charging booster technology, which will reduce vehicle charging times in limited charging stations. The system analyzes the charging station power in real-time allowing the XFC battery to accept higher charging rates without overheating. The company is also making this technology available to other organizations as open-source.  

StoreDot is now making rapid advancements in extreme fast charging lithium-ion batteries for use in the automotive sector, increasing the number of miles per minute of charge. It is currently shipping samples to global car makers for real-world testing and remains firmly on track to deliver mass-produced XFC batteries, which deliver a 50% reduction in charging times at the same cost, by 2024.

The company presents a clear roadmap also for its next generation XED, extreme energy density solid state technologies which will enter mass production in 2028.

For more information see: www.store-dot.com.

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