• The airline has renewed its culinary offering, with a base of high-quality fresh products prepared with the maximum respect for their texture and flavour.
  • Super Foods–such as black quinoa, arugula (rocket), or spinach—prevail in salads; original marinated brines, fish pies, and duck terrines as main dishes; and meats, fish, and pastas with surprising sauces, and garnished with bimi (broccolini), parsnips and field peas.
  • Iberia’s wine lists from May to July show the breadth and depth of the Spanish wine culture, assuring the best pairings with the new menus.
Iberia has renewed its culinary offering, with a base of high-quality fresh products prepared with the maximum respect for their texture and flavour


The new meal selection started in May on all long haul flights and reflects the diversity and richness of the Spanish culinary culture.
Original recipes that combine high-quality seasonal products with nutritious foods are prepared with the maximum respect for the texture and flavour of each ingredient, so all their properties can be enjoyed by our customers travelling in business class.
Super Food Salads
At the start of this summer season Iberia’s Business Class meal may open with a cold salmorejo or gazpacho soup, followed by a freshly made salad and starter, and the monthly Spanish cheese selection.
Salads made with arugula, spinach, black quinoa, watercress, and other high-nutritious ingredients foods will be featured on Iberia’s menus in the next few months.
Spanish cheeses are also represented in their rich variety, including manchego, goat cheese, Mahón, and San Simón, and served with quince jelly and grapes.
Amongst the new starters are delicious cold dishes such as pastel de cabracho (paté made from the prized Asturian scorpion fish), marinated chicken breast, glazed prawns, duck terrine, or smoked salmon.
Original Meats, Fish, and Pastas
Main dishes on Iberia’s new business menus include such original offering as beef sirloin in muscatel sauce, chicken breast stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, and roast duck with apple and Pedro Ximénez sherry wine sauce.
Grilled fish offerings include salmon, sea bass, sea bream, and hake, served with original sauces made from piquillo peppers, spicy garlic Bilbao style, honey, and ginger, and accompanied by bimi, parsnips, or field peas.
There is also a rich variety of pasta stuffed with asparagus or with parmesan cheese in saffron sauce, or with goat cheese and onion with cream sherry and walnuts, or ricotta and spinach with boletus mushroom and blueberry sauce, etc.
Tempting Desserts
To finish their meal with a sweet, business customers can select a rich variety of ice creams made with cheesecake, raspberries, banana, caramel, apple, or kiwi, and delicious pies made with passion fruit, three types of chocolate, apple, cheese, etc.
And the Best Wines
To accompany its new gourmet delights, Iberia has also refreshed its wine list for the May-July period. It now includes two whites and three reds to represent the variety of Spanish vintages, and are certain to enhance the flavours of the new menus.
A fresh young white from Toledo —Gran Sello Macabeo Verdejo 2017—and a more elegant white from Rueda —Val de Vid Rueda 2017— serve as counterpoint to the collection of reds: the complex Artero Reserva 2013 D.O. Mancha, the elegant and smooth Baigorri Crianza 2015 D. O. Ca Rioja (Alavesa), and the tasty and well-balanced Rolland Galarreta Ribera 2015 D. O. Ribera del Duero.