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Carrying novel laser technology to measure winds around the globe, ESA’s Aeolus satellite will soon be shipped to French Guiana for liftoff. This is the first time that UV laser technology will be used for such spaceborne measurements. Before it is packed up, media representatives are invited to see this extraordinary satellite in the cleanroom at Airbus Defence and Space’s facilities in Toulouse, France, on 5 June 2018.

By probing the atmosphere with a powerful laser, Aeolus is set to advance our understanding of tropical dynamics and processes relevant to climate variability, and, importantly, improve weather forecasts.

Many aspects of our lives are influenced by the weather, so it goes without saying that accurate forecasts are important for commercial undertakings such as farming, fishing, construction and transport – and, in general, forecasts make it easier to plan the days ahead. Although forecasts have advanced considerably in recent years, meteorologists urgently need global wind-profile data to improve them even further.

The press event not only includes a visit to the cleanroom for a unique view of this latest space technology – the first wind lidar ever to be launched, but it also includes briefings by mission experts from ESA and from Airbus and the opportunity to conduct interviews.


(All times CEST)

11:00 – Welcome by Airbus

Mathilde Royer Germain, Head of Earth Observation, Navigation and Science at Airbus Space Systems

11:10 – Aeolus and ESA’s Earth observation programmes

Josef Aschbacher,ESA’s director of Earth observation programmes

11:20 – Aeolus – getting ready for launch

A. Elfving, Aeolus project manager, ESA
R. Wimmer , Aeolus project manager, Airbus

11:45 – Aeolus – looking at the data

A. Straume, Aeolus mission scientist, ESA
A. Dabas, MeteoFrance, Aeolus data user & member of the Aeolus mission advisory group

12:10 – Q&A                         

12:30 – Lunch buffet                                                                         

13:30 – Visit of Astrolabe Clean Room (possibility to film)

14:30 – Interview slots, informal discussions                                   

15:00  – Programme ends


Media can register until 22 May by writing to or
ID/passport scan should be provided and filming or shooting equipment should be announced upon registration.


Airbus – Toulouse
31 rue des cosmonautes, Z.I du Palays

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