By Konstantin Nikiforov –, GFDL 1.2,

Aeroflot Deputy CEO for Legal and Property Matters Vladimir Alexandrov and Viktor Blazheev, Chancellor of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University, (MSAL), today signed a formal cooperation agreement at the Moscow Legal Forum. The ceremony was held in the hall of the academic council of the Moscow State Medical Academy.

Under the agreement, Aeroflot and MSAL will collaborate on a number of joint public and educational events. Students of MSAL will be offered internships at Aeroflot, while MSAL will host a series of educational programmes for Aeroflot employees, and MSAL graduates will have opportunities to work for the largest Russian airline. In addition, both parties intend to organise a mutual exchange of analytical and reference materials, including information on the application of aviation legislation, for use in educational and scientific activities.

Vladimir Alexandrov said:

“Aeroflot attaches particular importance to attracting qualified staff, and believes that education today must take into account the interests and needs of the business community. This agreement is a new format of cooperation between the airline and one of the country’s leading universities, aimed at providing lawyers – who are so sought after by the aviation industry – with the highest level of training. Moreover, we hope that MSAL will be able to become a platform for extensive scientific research within the legal field, from highly specialised aviation legislation to civil law regulation of air transportation.”