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Paolo Annunziato is the new CIRA President

Paolo Annunziato is the new CIRA President. The decision was taken unanimously by the Shareholder’s Meeting (where ASI is the majority shareholder with 47% of the capital) after Claudio Rovai’s decision to resign for personal reasons. ASI’s President, Roberto Battiston thanked Rovai for his work, during his mandate, to revamp CIRA with the new National Aerospace Research Program (PRORA).

“Claudio Rovai’s work was valuable, giving a new perspective to an international research Center in the aerospace sector”, said Battiston. ASI’s President then added that Paolo Annunziato will find “a new CIRA, ready to show his full potential”.

Claudio Rovai reminded that during the 15 months of his demanding task he “really wanted to achieve the ambitious, but necessary, goal of redesigning the mission of CIRA and its perimeter, technically, scientifically, juridically and administratively in technical, scientific, legal and administrative terms”. He then underlined the commitment for the realization of “an ambitious facility for the simulation of lunar and martian environments, a fundamental research tool for future missions, focused on human flight into deep space”. Rovai also wanted to thank all the employees and managers of CIRA for the work done and the support received during his mandate.

Born in 1961, Paolo Annunziato has performed many different roles and responsibilities in both the public and private sectors. Among his various assignments, he has been Director General of the National Research Council, Senior Group Vice President for Public and Economic Affairs of Telecom Italia, Executive Director of Research, Innovation and Net Economy for Confindustria, President of the European Commission expert groups for public and private partnerships. His strong international experience has led him in the last two years to hold the position of Advisor to the Minister for Research and Innovation Policies at the Ministry of Economy of United of Arab Emirates (UAE).


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