Flight Safety Foundation on Friday extended its congratulations to the U.S. Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) initiative for receiving an Aviation Week Laureate Award in the commercial aviation safety category Thursday at the Aviation Week Laureates Award dinner in Washington.

The Laureate Awards are presented annually to recognize the extraordinary achievements of individuals and teams in aviation, aerospace and defense. CAST/ASIAS was recognized as “an unparalleled collaboration between government and industry to improve aviation safety.” Having exceeded its first 10-year goal and reduced [the] U.S. commercial aviation fatality risk by 83 percent, CAST now aims to reduce the remaining risk by another 50 percent by 2025, leveraging industry data and analytical tools from ASIAS.

Government-industry cooperation is essential to aviation safety worldwide, and CAST is the most successful collaborative program of its type in the world,” said Foundation President and CEO Jon Beatty. “The launch of ASIAS 10 years ago was a pioneering step in the proactive approach to detecting risk and implementing mitigation strategies before accidents or serious incidents occur. The Foundation is honored to participate in CAST and extends its heartiest congratulations to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and all the organizations and individuals involved in the two programs.”

United Airlines Vice President Corporate Safety, Security, Quality and Environment Michael J. Quiello is a member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors and serves as CAST’s industry co-chair. The government co-chair is FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Ali Bahrami.