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Netjets Elite™ card

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Extraordinary service at an exceptional price

If you’ve been considering a light-cabin jet solution from NetJets®, this could be the perfect time. The NetJets Elite™ Card features all-inclusive pricing and is the most seamless way to join the NetJets family. With this product, you’ll receive the following:


  • Purchase price inclusive of flight hours, fuel, and Federal Excise Tax on flight hours and fuel. Miscellaneous fees (domestic passenger tax, international fees, ground transportation charges, etc.) will be invoiced as per a standard card agreement.
  • Flights on up to forty five (45) published NetJets Elite™ Card Peak Period Days are subject to a 25% premium. (Flight time is multiplied by 1.25 and the resulting number is the number of hours billed and deducted from the card.)
  • May be used for travel with NetJets Europe. Current inter-program exchange rates will apply. Flights on a NetJets Europe Peak Period Day will be at a 25% premium.
  • 24-hour minimum booking notice required for flights on Non-Peak Period Days. 120-hour minimum booking notice required for flights on Peak Period Days.

To learn more about becoming a NetJets Owner, please complete the Contact Form on this page or click here.

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