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Aviation is a vital part of Scandinavian infrastructure and SAS is proud to keep the region connected. We connect smaller regional airports with larger hubs. We maintain the highest frequency of departures to and from Scandinavia and, as a part of Star Alliance we fly our customers to more than 1300 destinations worldwide.

But the aviation industry is a rapidly changing playing field. Low cost carriers have pushed the boundaries of how and on which terms to compete, and many traditional carriers are responding by outsourcing their short haul or starting their own low cost carrier businesses. People continue to travel but that growth is met with intensified competition from both regional and global carriers increasing or shifting capacity, which in turn leads to tremendous price pressure.

It’s a consilidation and an elimination race that will leave only the most profitable and lean players to survive.

Embracing the challenges – because easier travel matters to our customers

SAS’ top priority is to secure the long-term competitiveness and profitability of our company. To that end we have three strategic objectives: We must continue to increase our operational efficiency, we must win the battle of Scandinavia’s frequent travelers and we must continue to invest in our future.

The approach to change, improvement and development in SAS is linked to the Lean process. By accelerating the rollout of Lean in the whole organization, we will meet competition with a commitment to continuous improvements in effiency and productivity. We fight for our customers by delivering quality and a clear focus on those who have the greatest demand for easier travel, the millions of Scandinavians who fly frequently – whether for business or pleasure.

Everything we do, every day is about making life easier for Scandinavias’s frequent travelers, and every single one of our employees is motivated by the notion that travelling with SAS makes a difference. We are loyal to our customers and passionate about rewarding those who value us; with SAS you become part of a community experiencing easy, joyful and reliable services, delivered the Scandinavian way.

Meeting the demands and expectations of Scandinavia’s frequent travelers means investing in our future: Our network, our fleet, our loyalty program and our people. We continuously review our network, adding destinations to reflect the travel preferences of our core customers. We have placed orders for more than 60 new aircraft, both short haul and long haul and we are expanding our EuroBonus program. But most importantly, we are committed to providing our employees with the leadership and motivation to keep making all the difference for our customers.

Scandinavian by name and Scandinavian by nature

In SAS’ long history we have been defining megatrends in the industry. In the 1950’s SAS was the first airline to cross the North Pole with a commercial flight. Since then, we’ve played an important role in forming alliances across the globe, giving more people more reliable connections to more destinations throughout the world. Not to mention establishing the perks of punctuality as a measure of reliability and customer satisfaction for the entire industry.

Everything we do reflects our Scandinavian DNA – simplicity, functionality, quality, reliability and a quiet pride in going that extra mile to show our loyalty. SAS’ employees make the difference, and we pride ourselves on being easy and informal, meeting everyone at eye level. And regardless of whom you meet at SAS you can be sure that safety, punctuality and care for our customers are their top priorities.

At SAS, we will continue to push the boundaries to develop aviation, shaping our company and our industry to make it easier for all those to whom every journey is an important part of life. That’s a promise.


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