S7 Training, aviation training centre, and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have held a two-day workshop on Aviation Safety Development for the representatives of aviation authorities, airlines and crew training centres.

ICAO chose S7 Training – the largest training centre for aircrew, cabin crew and ground personnel training in Eastern Europe – as a venue for holding a workshop. The centre is certified for more than 60 aviation training programmes.

The aim of the workshop was to improve the aircrew training programme with the view of Upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT). The workshop included practice too – master classes for crews on Airbus А320 integrated training complex at S7 Training.

ICAO presented the standards and a new training programme, which have been being worked out since 2012. In 2019 introduction of innovations is expected to be an obligatory rule all over the world.

“We are considering using these ICAO developments in pilot training programmes at S7 Training in the near future. This is the next stage for improvement of the aircrew, which will contribute to Aviation Safety Development”, Flight Instructor of the S7 Airlines Flight Standards Department, Stanislav Yuriev, says.

More than 80 representatives of the Aviation community, S7 Airlines and other Russian, European and American airlines flight instructors, representatives of M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute, Boeing and Airbus took part in the ICAO workshop at S7 Training.

S7 Training General Director, Valery Kulavsky, is an ICAO expert from Russia in the operating activity and safety group, and takes part in standards development of the organization, controlling flights safety in the whole world.

S7 Training is an aviation training centre owned by S7 Airlines and certified for 80 courses of flight staff training and qualification upgrades for the most widespread aircraft types in Russia: Airbus 319/320/321; Boeing 737-300/400/500; Boeing 737-600/700/800/900. The training centre has the most modern technical facilities available in Russia and offers a full training course.