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Reuniting lost bear with its young owner #GetShackletonHome

An Airline Captain’s quest to reunite lost bear with its young owner. #GetShackletonHome

An Airline Captain’s quest to reunite lost bear with its young owner. #GetShackletonHome

When easyJet Captain Matthew Clutterbuck arrived at his aircraft early one December morning for a routine days flying, he glanced into the cabin, only to see a sad-looking but clearly much-loved children’s teddy bear staring back at him from the aisle floor. He knew the challenge had been set. Seemingly dropped or left behind, from the last flight of the previous day, this much loved children’s teddy bear must have been lost during the rush to disembark.

Having young children of his own, the Captain started his mission to reunite the bear and child. Until that time he is flying around easyJet’s network with the bear, taking pictures of him in the destinations he flies to and keeping a log book of his travels until it can be reunited with its owner.

The bear, which Captain Clutterbuck has named Shackleton after another rather famous intrepid explorer, was most likely left on the Bordeaux – Luton flight on 20th. December. The airline has now taken to social media with a series of tweets and facebook posts in hope of finding its owner.

easyJet Captain, Matthew Clutterbuck, said:

“I have two young children of my own who both have soft toys which have to go everywhere, so I can understand how attached children are to their favourite toys and so know how distraught children can be when they lose them and just how stressful if can be for the parents as a result! Hopefully with a bit momentum behind the search on social media we’ll be able to give the child somewhere a late Christmas present.”

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