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Play chess with Magnus Carlsen up in the air

By BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada - Airbus Industrie A321neo D-AVXA, CC BY-SA 2.0,

By BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada – Airbus Industrie A321neo D-AVXA, CC BY-SA 2.0, Source: Wikimedia

SAS has entered into a global partnership with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and the company Play Magnus AS. This partnership will help to realize Magnus Carlsens dream of bringing chess out to the wider world and give SAS travelers the unique opportunity to play against the highest-rated chess player in history.

As part of the partnership, SAS is proud to announce the launch of the Play Magnus game on board all SAS inflight entertainment systems as of November 1st.

SAS is one of the few airlines to have Wi-Fi on board its long-haul aircraft, and passengers traveling with the upgraded cabin will be able to play chess during their flight using the Play Magnus game. On the entertainment system, passengers are able to play against Magnus at different levels; divided into age groups according to what level Magnus himself was on at that age – aged from 5 to his current age at 25.

All long haul passengers flying after November 1st will also be presented with an introduction video through the inflight entertainment system where Magnus Carlsen challenges passengers to test him out.  In addition to this, Magnus Carlsen has made a series of six tutorials that will be available under SAS TV. The tutorials will hold a series of tips on how to play chess like him, and is a great way for passengers to advance their level in the game of chess. A further development will give chess players the opportunity to play with passengers up in the air on other SAS flights as well.

“We envisage the innovative development of this service to allow our travelers not only to play against one another, but both against players on the same flight and those on other SAS aircraft that are in the air at the same time,” says Eivind Roald, Executive Vice President & CCO in SAS. “.

The SAS entertainment system is there for the passengers’ enjoyment, and is therefore always up to date with relevant movies, music, TV shows and games on personal screens. SAS aims to always offer something for everyone. In addition to the Play Magnus game, there will be an option to watch the biography of the World Champion Chess Player. The movie appropriately named “Magnus” was well received as it was released in cinemas in Norway this autumn.

“At Play Magnus we are excited that SAS shares our passion for innovation, and that SAS, through this partnership, takes such an active part in our mission to use chess as a fun tool to make the world a smarter place. Magnus is a true traveler, and for him, he either sleeps or plays chess on a long haul flight. Now it is up to all the other true travelers out there to challenge him!” Says Kate Murphy, CEO of Play Magnus AS

See video of Magnus Carlsen:

SAS looks forward to welcoming the chess champion and Play Magnus Chess on board!

For more information, please contact:
SAS Media hotline
+ 47 64 81 88 00


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