By Milad A380 talk? - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
By Milad A380 talk? – Own work, CC BY 3.0, Source: Wikimedia

Air Malta will again be assisting The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation during the months of November and December. During these months, Air Malta Cabin Crew will be collecting funds on board the airline’s flights towards this cause.

The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation is an organisation aimed at promoting solidarity among people living in Malta. The Foundation provides financial, material and professional support to people experiencing difficulties because of severe chronic or terminal illness, including cancer, disability, poverty, unemployment or lack of resources, without any form of discrimination.

Joe Galea, Acting Chief Executive Officer said, “Air Malta is a proud supporter of the MCCFF. As an airline we strongly believe in our corporate social responsibility and throughout the years we have assisted thousands of people to travel abroad for medical treatment. Our aircraft can carry both stretcher cases and incubators for new born babies that require urgent medical treatment abroad. The MCCFF works hard during the year to support thousands of people who rely on the generosity of the fund to help families passing through difficult times. We are happy that with the help of our guests we can continue assisting this fund with its commendable initiatives.”

This campaign forms part of Air Malta’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives whereby the airline supports organisations that work hard in the Maltese community. As Malta’s national carrier, Air Malta is the only airline flying from Malta that fully supports the local community in all possible ways. No other airline operating to Malta provides continued support to voluntary and non-governmental organisations like Air Malta.

This initiative is also being supported by Sky Gourmet, the airline’s catering provider.