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KLM materials reused in MOAM design collection


Used KLM materials were today on display at the presentation of MOAM 2016 (Mode Amsterdam). Young designers presented their collections of unique, handmade designs in Hotel Krasnapolsky.

The themes of the fashion show were innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and cooperation. The collection was created using recycled KLM materials, such as rubber tyres, seatbelts and upholstery.

This has resulted in another superb collection, which puts our sustainability message across in a very appealing way. The MOAM designers selected materials during a visit to KLM’s Scrap Plaza, a site in the KLM hangars where used aircraft materials are collected. KLM aims to ensure that no resources and material are wasted and that 100% of the remaining waste will be reused or recycled.

The partnership with KLM has taught us a great deal. It’s really special that KLM is willing to donate its used materials to a new generation of young MOAM designers.

KLM began cooperating with MOAM in 2015. The first time a collection using KLM materials was presented was at a catwalk show in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum in July last year.

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