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The world’s largest Aircraft Graveyard.

Cockpit Voice

Have you ever thought – Where the commercial and military used aircraft’s after heavy use, go to rust and death?

The world’s largest Aircraft graveyard or final resting place where over 4000 over Aircraft’s are open for rusting lies in the United States, Tucson – Arizona desert.  The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tuscon, Arizona – graveyard lies 32″09’13.59 110″49’20.23″ in the Google map and is the home for dead and scrapped thousands of military aircrafts. Once the aircrafts arrive at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, or AMARC, the age old B-52s are stripped of engines and other parts that might be needed to maintain the surviving active fleet. Later they are towed to a special place to await the executioner’s ax—a 13,500-pound steel blade, hoisted 60 feet into the air by a crane and dropped. The blade goes through this airplane like butter. The plane is cut into…

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