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Air France & KusmiTea join forces to celebrate Air France’s 80th anniversary.

Specially created to mark Air France’s 80th anniversary, the limited edition KusmiTea box set comprises a range of flavoured teas available in 7 different categories. Ideally suited to long-haul flights, the 24 muslin tea bags soothe, detoxify and regenerate the traveller and ease the symptoms of jetlag.


The “Detox” category subtly combines the benefits of maté, green tea and lemon grass for an energetic early morning boost.

The “BB Detox” tea combines green tea, maté and grapefruit. The perfect cocktail for those who dream of having baby-soft skin.

Try the “Algothé” range, a refined blend of green tea, mint and seaweed to add a refreshing touch to your day. Regenerating, stimulating and surprising!

The “Boost” tea break combining mate, green tea and spices, stimulates the body and mind, without the worry of adding on the calories!

Gourmets will love “Euphoria” blending grilled maté, chocolate and orange flavours for a guilt-free moment of intense pleasure.

Try “Sweet Love” made up of black tea, guarana, spices and pink pepper for an exploration of the senses

Relax and take it easy with « Be Cool » combining plants, liquorice and peppered mint.

The Kusmi Tea box set, the ideal companion to your daily health regime. Say goodbye to the post-Christmas toxins and happy birthday Air France!

Throughout this anniversary year, Air France Shopping is proposing a selection of accessories (key-rings, baggage tag holders, coloured notebooks, travel accessories) bearing Company images, reflecting the key moments in passion shared with its customers.

Moreover, Air France shopping also offers numerous items designed to make travel easier (portable baggage weighing scale, universal adaptor), reflecting the quality of service provided by the Company.

Flying Blue members can buy these items with their miles or pay for them in euros, thus earning new miles.

Discover the full Air France shopping offer on:

The Air France Boutique also proposes a wide range of duty-free products available on all the Company’s long-haul flights:

Discover all the latest Air France news in real time wherever you are on the free iPhone application on the corporate website and on smartphones at



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