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Taiwan Tourism Liveried Aircraft Celebrates“Time for Taiwan”.

Author: Kso

Author: Kso

The “Taiwan Tourism Liveried Aircraft,” the result of a partnership between China Airlines and Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, made its inaugural flight today (November 13) from Taipei Songshan Airport to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, and will carry the message of Taiwan’s tourism developments high above the clouds.. The liveried aircraft is the only one of its kind in the world, and portrays with creative flair themes of LOHAS, ecology, romance, cuisine, shopping, culture and other features of Taiwan tourism. The plane is sure to attract the attention of global travelers throughout China Airlines’ extensive network, helping to raise Taiwan’s profile as a major tourism destination.

The liveried aircraft is an Airbus A330-300, and it will serve Taiwan’s key tourism markets including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and China. The inaugural flight CI-220 carried a full loading of 313 passengers onboard to witness the historic moment.

Deputy Director Liu says that 7.31 million people visited Taiwan in 2012, a new high. More than 5.8 million people visited Taiwan in the first three quarters of this year, so the target of 7.7 million visitors is well within reach. There is even a chance 8 million visitors will be achieved in 2013. As the Tourism Bureau hopes to attract more than 10 million visitors a year by 2016, it has partnered with China Airlines to apply its “The Heart of Asia” tourism logo to the aircraft fuselage. The “Taiwan Tourism Liveried Aircraft” will serve as Taiwan’s top tourism ambassador.

Chairman Sun says that China Airlines has always promoted the best of Taiwan. As a leading player in Taiwan’s aviation industry, China Airlines sees this as its responsibility. Previous liveried aircraft featuring fruits and butterfly orchids successfully introduced Taiwan’s agricultural products to the world stage. This year, China Airlines launched the first “Love & Hug” liveried airplane from its Taiwan culture and creativity series. The latest “Taiwan Tourism” liveried airplane uses the aircraft fuselage as a platform to promote the best of Taiwan tourism.

The “Taiwan Tourism” liveried airplane features the “Welcome to Taiwan” design. This is complemented by the seven hearts of the “Time for Taiwan” campaign, each with a distinct motif: Cloud Gate dancers performing in front of the National Theater and the fireworks of Taipei 101, representing the culture and landmarks of Taiwan; cycling past the National Palace Museum together with Taiwan’s electronics products and the endangered Formosan black bear, representing the diversity of LOHAS, shopping and ecological tourism experiences; pineapple cakes, bubble tea, xiaolongbao and fruits, representing Taiwan’s popular delicacies; as well as Lantern Festival lanterns and the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake.

For the inaugural flight, the cabin was fitted with throw cushions and head-rest covers decorated with the Tourism Bureau’s heart-shaped motif. Inserts in the seat pockets also allowed travelers to learn the meaning behind the seven hearts: tourism, LOHAS, ecology, romance, food, shopping and culture. On the back of the seat inserts are Professor Pang-soong Lin’s “My Homeland” designs that combine poster-style visuals with creative graphics based on the island shape of Taiwan. They present different images of Taiwan while providing passengers with a better understanding of Taiwan’s tourism and cultural creativity through art and aesthetics. Each passenger on the inaugural flight also received a Tourism Bureau white porcelain tea cup, eco-friendly shopping bag, poker cards, a limited edition 2014 China Airlines calendar with the “Taiwan Tourism Liveried Aircraft” on the cover, as well as the book Taiwan, une bonne surprise by Mariko Poimboeuf, the Japanese-born wife of a French diplomat.


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