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Author: WhisperToMe

Author: WhisperToMe

Air France launched an internal investigation involving all company divisions as soon as it was informed of a large seizure of drugs from Venezuela.

An initial progress report has been made today, Thursday 26 September, from which the following points arise:

1- Flight AF385 on 10 September 2013 from Caracas to Paris-CDG was carrying 254 passengers. In line with current Air France procedures, the bags checked in on this flight by Air France staff in Caracas all corresponded to passengers on board and 13 pieces of baggage corresponded to passengers who had travelled on a previous flight (“rush baggage” procedure).
2- These bags were all delivered to the passengers travelling to CDG, or were loaded on board connecting flights, in line with current Company procedures.
3- The flight was carrying 11 baggage containers, 2 cargo containers and 2 pallets in its holds. These were all recorded and listed in the flight monitoring system, in line with Company procedures.
4- The unidentified bags were introduced in an illicit way somewhere along the loading chain of containers due to be boarded onto the aircraft.

Given this information:

1- Air France has taken immediate steps to enhance the monitoring and control of the loading chain of containers at certain destinations.
2- Air France intends to take civil action in court.

The internal investigation is continuing and Air France is fully cooperating with the authorities within the framework of the current investigations.

Finally, Air France would like to state that the placement in custody of its deputy station manager in Venezuela is a normal procedure in such circumstances. It does not imply any kind of responsibility, nor any role in this affair.


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