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Air Macau Launches Macau – Zhengzhou v.v. Route.

Author: Allen Zhao. Source:

Author: Allen Zhao.

1.         On 23rd September 2013, Air Macau launches Macau – Zhengzhou v.v. route.  At the first phrase, the carrier will operate three round trip flights per week: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the flight time is two hours and thirty minutes.  Air Macau will continue code-share with Air China in Macau –Zhengzhou v.v. route.


2.         Henan is the central birthplace of history and culture of China and the core of Chinese civilization.  Among eight ancient capitals in China, Henan accounted for four. Anyang is worldwide recognized as the earliest capital site in China. Luoyang,the capital city for thirteen dynasties in Chinese history, is famous as “ImperialCapital over one thousand years, the City of Peony”.  Kaifeng known as “Dreamlike Glory of Song Dynasty”, is an original place of “Scroll of Pure and Brightness along the Riverside”.  Zhengzhou, the new destination of Air Macau is not only a city with a long history, the shortest distance from it to Luoyang, Kaifeng, and three sites of the world’s Cultural Heritage – Anyang Yin Ruins, Shaolin Temple and Longmen Grottoes is just dozens of kilometers, the longest one is less than two hundred kilometers.  Arriving at Zhengzhou, the tourist could travel through space-time from the ancient to the modern in the shortest distance.


3.         Today, Henan is the 5th largest provincial economy of China and the largest among inland provinces. In order to make the economy more knowledge and technology based, the government established a number of development zones in all of the major cities, promoting industries such as software, information technologies, new materials, bio-pharmaceutical and photo-machinery-electronics.


4.         Mr. Yang Jianhua, VPCM of Air Macau said:“In Macau – Zhengzhou v.v. direct routelaunched by Air Macau, just two and half hours flight time could cover de distance ofone thousand and six hundred kilometers between two cities.  The route provides the most convenient and efficient transportation services for political, economic and cultural exchanges between two cities.”


5.         Mr. Yang continued:“The new route enlarges the network of the carrier to the central plains area of mainland of China.  Zhengzhou is situated in geographical center of China.  It is the national integrated transportation hub of highway, railway and civil aviation. The carrier could provide its air transportation service to the passengers from all over the province and surrounding provinces.  The new route builds up a new air corridor to the areas of Taiwan, Southeast and Northeast Asia for the local residents there.”


  1. The Flight Schedule of Macau – Zhengzhou v.v. route as followings:

Flight No.
















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