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Austrian Airlines A320 Clear Out.

Austrian Airlines - A320-200 Author: Adrian Pingstone

Austrian Airlines – A320-200
Author: Adrian Pingstone

Weight reduction results in savings of over EUR 100,000 per year
• Austrian Airlines clears out an entire Airbus 320
• Savings of about 375t of Co₂ emissions p.a.

The fuel price is one of the biggest cost factors for an airline. At Austrian Airlines fuel comprises about one quarter of total costs. For this reason, Austrian Airlines is clearing out an entire Airbus to find out how much weight can be saved.

Oliver Cantele, Project Manager and Technical Pilot, says: “It is essential to avoid every excess gram of weight, because every unnecessary kilo eats up our profits”.

After weighing and registering all the items on board, a great deal of savings potential was already identified on site. The project team significantly exceeded the targeted goal of reducing weight by 40 kilos. The initial projection determined savings of 120t of kerosene within the Austrian Airbus 320 family, or fuel costs of more than EUR 100,000. In addition, 375t of CO₂ emissions can be saved each year.

The project will be implemented in the entire Austrian Airlines fleet on a long-term basis, in order to minimize weight and thus reduce fuel consumption.

A video of the A320 Clear Out can be found on the Austrian YouTube channel:

Owner. Editor. Reproducer: Austrian Airlines AG. Corporate Communications


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