4X-EKS landing on runway 26 at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.
Author: AF1621
In late 2013, the first 2 of the 6 Boeing 737-900 aircraft that EL AL ordered in 2011 are expected to arrive in Israel.
With the retirement of the 757 planes from service, EL AL will operate 4 different fleets: the 737, 767-300, 777 and 747-400.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “This is in line with EL AL’s policy of maintaining a young fleet and reducing the number of fleets. As part of the policy, it was decided to retire from service the veteran 767-200 and 757 planes that served the airline and its passengers for many years and to offer more modern aircraft to our customers in Israel and worldwide. To this end, 6 new planes were purchased (as well as an option for 2 more, a total of 8), all 737-900 models that are to join the EL AL fleet next year. In addition, we are discussing the various possibilities for modernizing EL AL’s wide-body fleet with Boeing and with Airbus.”

The 757 fleet, with 11 planes, served EL AL faithfully from the end of the 1980s. It is still considered a popular, reliable and comfortable plane by millions of passengers in dozens of airlines around the world.

The 757 planes operated on EL AL’s and Sun D’Or’s European and Mediterranean Basin routes.

During the last years of their service for the EL AL Group, only two of the planes were in use, one configured for EL AL’s scheduled route and one for Sun D’Or’s charter routes.