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CAA helps holidaymakers compare cost of flight extras before booking.



CAA (Photo credit: stevelyon)


UK holidaymakers looking to book a last minute getaway this summer can compare the cost of any optional extra fees and charges for their flights, thanks to the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) comparison tool.

The online tool allows passengers to compare the optional fees and charges applied by the top 23 airlines operating in the UK. It includes information on how much airlines charge passengers for checking in luggage, having an in-flight meal and a host of other services that passengers may have to pay for in on top of the ticket price.

Originally launched earlier this year, the comparison table has been fully updated following a comprehensive review. Thousands of passengers have already used the CAA’s information on fees and charges to help them book their flights knowing the full price picture from the start.

The table contains information on charges ranging from booking priority boarding, to taking sports equipment on the flight, reserving your seat and having a meal.

Andrew Haines, Chief Executive of the CAA said: “The UK has a fantastically diverse aviation market that offers choice and value to millions of passengers each year, and if passengers are to really see the benefit of that diversity, they have to know the full picture about the flight they are booking.

“We made this tool available to help give passengers that full picture; allowing them to make informed decisions about what flight suits them best, safe in the knowledge they are aware of any potential fees and charges they may have to pay on top of the price of the ticket. It’s proved very popular, and we hope even more passengers will now take advantage of this useful tool.”

The fees and charges comparison table is available from the CAA’s Passenger Portal, which also includes a range of additional advice for passengers to use before they fly, on board the aircraft and after they return from their trip.

Where fees and charges are not optional extras but unavoidable e.g. air passenger duty, they must by law be included in the price of the ticket at the start of the booking process. The CAA continues to work to ensure this happens. The Office of Fair Trading also recently announced that following enforcement action, a group of 12 airlines have agreed to include debit card surcharges in the headline price rather than surprise consumers at the end of the booking process


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