Aircraft: Dassault Falcon 900C / Type: Busines...
Aircraft: Dassault Falcon 900C / Type: Business Jet / Registration:OO-ACT/ Airport: EHAM / Date: 28JUN2011 (Photo credit:

“Officially, we’re not biased, of course,” says Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, chief executive of London Executive Aviation (LEA), with a smile, “but we can’t deny we’re delighted Chelsea have reached the UEFA Champions League football final against Bayern Munich. In truth, I’ve long been a Chelsea supporter and regularly visit Stamford Bridge with my sons, so I’m naturally thrilled by the team’s achievements this year.”

The Champions League final takes place in Munich (Germany) on Saturday May 19 and Margetson-Rushmore continues: “Whatever the result, Chelsea’s success in reaching the final is great news for our business at LEA. We have a diverse fleet of 14 aircraft flying to the general aviation airport of Oberpfaffenhofen for the match, which represents over half our entire business jet charter fleet. We’re operating to and from Oberpfaffenhofen – which is only a 30-minute drive from the stadium – to avoid the congestion that surrounds hub airports. Our passengers want a convenient, rapid service before and after the match, not queues and delays. Business jet travel is the perfect way to enjoy this kind of unforgettable international sporting event, especially when the cost is divided among a group of friends. And, equally, corporate hospitality is such an important part of the world’s major sporting occasions these days. If you’re taking your top-level clients to top-level matches, you want them to travel across Europe in style and comfort.”

LEA will be basing a ground coordinator at Oberpfaffenhofen to ensure all the requirements of the day, from slot management to ground transportation, run smoothly.

“Unfortunately, we can’t control the result,” concludes Margetson-Rushmore, “but we can make sure everything else about the Champions League experience is perfect for our Chelsea supporters. The champagne is on ice!”

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