Eastar Jet Boeing 737-700
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Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Aerospace has been awarded a contract to provide its industry-leading auxiliary power units (APUs) and a three-year maintenance program for Eastar Jet’s growing fleet of Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft. This agreement provides Eastar Jet with a reliable, high-performance APU solution with easy maintainability and lower cost of ownership.


In addition to Honeywell’s standard APU product warranty, the agreement will provide a comprehensive suite of aftermarket maintenance solutions catering to Eastar Jet’s specific needs. Eastar Jet’s current fleet totals six B737-800 aircraft, and the South Korea-based low-cost airline is looking to more than double that to 14 aircraft by 2015.
“Honeywell allows us to increase our fleet performance and better manage our maintenance spending as we strive to find the optimal balance between safety, efficiency and cost,” said SJ Park, CEO of Eastar Jet. “This agreement helps us build on our goal of popularizing air travel in South Korea.”
Honeywell’s 131-9 APU supplies auxiliary power to each of Eastar Jet’s Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft for engine start, as well as power for on-board air conditioning and pre-engine startup power supply.
“Increased reliability, serviceability and efficiency are of paramount importance, particularly to low-cost carriers,” said Pak Chin, Honeywell Aerospace vice president of airlines, Asia Pacific. “Eastar Jet selected Honeywell because we can meet these requirements at an attractive price point. This further positions Eastar Jet to service the rapidly growing passenger demand in North Asia.”
The Honeywell 131-9 APU, operating on more than 100 airlines worldwide, averages more than 10,000 hours between unscheduled removals, a more than 60 percent improvement over other APUs in its class size.


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