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Iberia recently established a recycling center at its La Muñoza industrial site near Madrid airport.

Iberia, in cooperation with the CESPA CONTEN, S.A. company, has implemented a new solid waste management system at its Madrid installations, and a new system for managing hazardous waste at all Spanish airports.
The new system is intended to help the airline group reach its “zero solid waste” target within the next few years. Data for 2011 is expected to show that it has managed to recycle about 50% of all solid waste produced by its operations this year.
To this end, Iberia has established a recycling center on its La Muñoza industrial and aircraft maintenance site near Madrid-Barajas airport. Waste is segregated and placed in different containers or compactors for recycling
Iberia also has an agreement with ECOEMBES to optimize the recovery and recycling of food and beverage containers and packaging, whereby ECOEMBES supplies the bins in which the various types of containers are collected after sorting by CESPA CONTEN. This is expected to lead to the recycling of some 160 tonnes of waste each year which was formerly sent directly to landfills.
The reduction and recycling of solid wastes figure prominently in Iberia’s strategic environmental plan, aimed at optimizing the sustainability of all its operations.


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