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As part of its strategy of reinforcing its position in the expat market, SATA has signed an interline agreement with WestJet, the second largest Canadian airline.

With the signing of this Interline Electronic Ticketing Agreement (IETA), SATA Internacional can issue tickets for WestJet flights and vice‐versa, allowing passengers to travel from anywhere in Canada with a single electronic ticket on flights operated by both airlines, at more competitive fares created specially by this partnership.

With this agreement, effective beginning 19 January 2012 and available via SATA distribution channels and travel agents, SATA has significantly expanded its flight offerings between the Azores and Canada, a country with a large Portuguese immigrant community (especially Azoreans), who now have access to more destinations at more competitive fares, all with a single ticket.

WestJet is now Canada’s second largest airline, operating more than 90 jet aircraft and maintaining high growth rates. WestJet operates in 71 destinations in North America, including 30 cities in Canada and 17 cities in the United States.

This agreement will allow SATA’s customers to continue their trips from SATA’s destinations of Toronto and Montreal to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and other Canadian destinations operated by WestJet. Or, they can travel between Toronto and Montreal, or to San Francisco, San Diego, New York or Miami in the United States, always at the best possible fares, which are more economical than current fares.

In practical terms, this agreement will allow both companies to expand their distribution networks, since they will be working in conjunction to offer more
alternatives in terms of flights and competitive fares, thereby helping to disseminate and promote the Azores in the important expat market of North America.

Along these lines, Grupo SATA Chairman António Gomes de Menezes recalls that “the signing of this important agreement is a milestone in promoting the Azores and attracting traffic to the Azores from Canada, along with boosting SATA’s reputation in the international market, through strategic partnerships with key companies from major outbound travel markets, which result in better connectivity and more competitive fares to the Azores destination.”

He goes on to say that “with this new agreement, which creates particularly low fares to every Canadian province, SATA has expanded the range of options so that our expats across North America (the United States and Canada) can visit the Azores, reinforcing the importance of the North American market, which grew 19.5% in the United States and 11.9% in Canada between 2009 and 2010. The new joint fares between SATA and WestJet can translate into savings of several hundred Canadian dollars for a family from Canada wanting to visit the Azores.”


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