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Finnair seeks partner to accelerate Nordic Champion strategy, aims for significantly lower costs in European traffic.

Finnair begins discussions with potential cooperation partners on forming a joint venture for a cost effective expansion of the company’s presence in the Nordic countries. The potential joint venture would accelerate Finnair’s Nordic Champion strategy, and the aim is to establish new bases and expand the company’s network in the Nordic Countries. “The potential joint… Read More ›

Airbus predicts Nordic carriers require over 420 aircraft worth US$38.6bn.

Growth and replacement needs for more eco-efficient aircraft. According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Nordic airlines are predicted to require 424 new passenger aircraft between 2011 and 2030 with a value of US$ 38.6 billion. These new aircraft deliveries will be dominated by single-aisles (365), such as Airbus’ modern A320 Family. Airbus… Read More ›

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