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Airbus demonstrates C295 FITS mission system operated by ground-based crews

Airbus has successfully concluded a flight test campaign featuring a new capability for the C295 FITS mission system (COMMOMISS) which enables it to be remotely operated by ground-based crews. The campaign, carried out in April over the south of Spain, covered four flights and involved the use of an Airbus C295 Intelligence Surveillance Recognition (ISR)… Read More ›

Sweden signs agreement with U.S. government for Patriot Air and Missile Defense System

Sweden becomes 16th nation to entrust lower tier air and missile defense to Raytheon’s Patriot system. The government of Sweden signed an agreement to purchase Raytheon’s (NYSE: RTN) Patriot™ air and missile defense system from the U.S. Army. The agreement, formally referred to as a Letter of Offer and Acceptance, paves the way for Sweden’s Patriot… Read More ›

OEM Defence Services chose 2MoRO as a partner for its Information System.

OEM Defence Services is a joint venture between five major Original Equipment Manufacturer groups: Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace, Safran, Thales and Zodiac Aerospace. OEM Defence Services includes a set of more than 20 different legal entities working together. OEM Defence Services provides integrated industrial support solutions to meet the specific needs of military customers, while striving… Read More ›

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