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Fresh Portuguese ideas we love

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CASAFARI solves chaos and information asymmetry in real estate by applying machine learning and deep AI to index and analyse in real time more than 75,000,000 property listings from 14K+ different data sources into one clean and complete platform

Bandora.OM is the first solution in the market for buildings O&M which applies for real, Machine Learning algorithms, in order to predict energy consumption, indoor temperature, level of comfort, occupancy, malfunctions, etc.

From the organic waste, they treat the organic content to produce premium organomineral fertilizer recycling all carbon and nutrients with zero emissions and zero sub products.

Agristarbio is a technological Breakthrough in organic waste management and fertilizer production.

The Unbabel Language Operations platform combines the speed and efficiency of machine translation with the polish of our global community of native speakers for high-quality translations so you can deliver excellent customer service in any language across digital support channels like email, chat, and FAQs.

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