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Arco antico dal basso

August 14, 2018

Originally posted on Etiliyle:
Beautiful Italian blog, latin view immortalized in images Etiliyle View original post

Top 10 Healthy Diet for modern lifestyle

Originally posted on Smart Veg Recipes:
A healthy diet is a diet that helps to maintain overall health.A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition, fluid, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, and adequate calories. A healthy diet supports energy needs and provides for human nutrition without exposure to excessive weight gain from consuming more calories…


Originally posted on cocinaitaly:
Buenas dia a todos el mundo hoy voy a proponer un plato da mi inventado,una pasta(fusilli caseros de espinacas y de harina de semola) servida en un molde de parmesano y salteada con una salsa simple de setas porcini ,jamon serrano y burrata,servido por encima con una loncha de jamon serrano…

June – 11th Airborne (continued)

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
11th Airborne w/ 81mm mortar on Luzon The 11th Airborne battled the Shabu Forces on a 75 mile hike in 120 degree heat to connect up with the Connolly Task Force. The combined goal was to prevent the enemy from escaping into the Cagayan Valley and out to sea. Lt.…

Stuck in the Middle – Day Two

Originally posted on Planes, Plates and Persuasions:
I was still very apprehensive as I woke up this morning. Hubby still wasn’t feeling that well. I was ravenously hungry but didn’t want to go out on my own. After a little while hubby had a shower and felt well enough to explore the hotel with me,…

YOUthlab. Live outside the Seasons!

Hello #BeYOUties ♥ many times they say: {I don’t care if it hurts, I wanna have control, I wanna a perfect body, I wanna a perfect soul} Ready for a #BeYOUty experience? Press play & get the feeling! Since we are a little human – whether a girl or boy – we learn that we must…

Join In The Fun! Join In The August 2018 Tea Party!

Originally posted on The Little Mermaid:
“What better way to suggest friendliness – and to create it – than with a cup of tea?” -J. Grayson Luttrell Aloha, charming WordPressers! I’m delighted to announce you that The Little Mermaid is hosting her second monthly tea party on her website. What? A tea party? On WordPress?…

When creativity dies

Originally posted on amnaaslamblog:
Hope so all of you are in good spirits. I want to write more and more blogs and wordpress is my comfort zone on entire social site world.I want to contribute for wellness and growth of this world by writting what I know. I always consider myself a dummy in every…


Originally posted on forresting my cloud:
digital airbrush you dream on soft stars i amble up steep moonbeams adventure is ours All artwork, haiku, etc. (unless otherwise noted) are by/© Katy Boyer & Blissbait Art.  All rights reserved                                

May > June for Smitty and the 11th Airborne

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
117th Engineer Battalion, Luzon The 11th Airborne continued their patrols, mopping up details and training at Lipa, Luzon, P.I.  General Swing had another jump school built that created 1,000 newly qualified paratroopers out of their latest replacements. The new glider school concentrated on the “snatch pickup” method, whereby a CG-4A…

Liebster Award 2018 (2)

Originally posted on Commememucho:
Los bloggers somos un grupo divertido. Leemos mucho, escribimos mucho, recorremos la web en busca de nuevos contenidos para consumir e incluso nos damos premios por estas cosas. Eso es lo que es el “Premio Liebster”: un reconocimiento de los bloggers por parte de otros bloggers. Es solo una coincidencia que…

The Flying Bull Dessault/Dornier Alpha Jet and Douglas DC6 B

Originally posted on Photo Sociology:
Please click on any photo to see a full size image. If you have £5m laying around that you want to spend then you can buy a second-hand Alpha Jet. With the two seats you can fly a friend around with you. This is a photo of an Alpha Jet,…

Fotografia: Os olhos da natureza (The eyes of nature) — ChronosFeR2

Fotos: Chronosfer. O olhar se debruça nos olhos da natureza. O verde esmaecido pela névoa que chega e parte logo depois. Os canyons, as trilhas, o plano suave onde também crescem flores, plantas e árvores nos contemplam. Acolhem. muitas vezes pedem socorro. Somos nós a natureza e ainda não sabemos. ( Ontem, em Porto Alegre […]… Read More ›

Our tribute to Linkybird`s WordPress followers.

WordPress is, undoubtedly, a huge community, we can find spectacular bloggers and blogs, wonderful websites, issues, pictures, stories, life experiences… So this will be the place, here on Linkybird, to share our amazing followers stories, You can suggest, if you want, blogs or sites, simply use the form on our contact page and we`ll share… Read More ›

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